• September – Week of 02

    MAGIC 2019 Summer Session Comes to a Close!

    Ten MAGIC mentees who participated in the 2019 summer mentoring session presented their work and demonstrated their projects at the final presentation event on Friday, September 6th. This event was held at the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. The audience consisted of mentors, mentee families, teachers and members of the MAGIC staff.

    The mentee-mentor pairs and their projects were as follows:

    • Isha G (7th grade), mentored by Elissa M, built a food waste website
    • Nithya P (7th grade), mentored by Yvonne Z, built an Android app for providing food to homeless people
    • Saakshi C (9th grade), mentored by Komal G, built a chat service for food donation, for restaurants and nonprofits
    • Sophia M (9th grade), mentored by Shilpa G, built a Simon game using Python
    • Aruna G (10th grade), mentored by Sonali P, conducted research on biodiversity
    • Kimberly N (10th grade), mentored by Smriti P, built a personal website
    • Leslie G-S (10th grade), mentored by Sneha K, built a personal finance tracker iOS app
    • Seema L (12th grade), mentored by Ria S, designed a photo sharing iOS app to connect students
    • Xiomara Q (12th grade), mentored by Jo Y, built a website for providing information to teenagers
    • Ruchi K (12th grade), mentored by Anne Z, designed the UI for, and then built the MAGIC mentee projects website; this work was done as part of her summer internship with MAGIC

    The slides from the presentation can be found here.

    Many thanks to the two MAGIC PMs, Jannie Wu and Ira Pramanick, for managing the summer session, and a huge thanks to Google for hosting the final presentation event.

    Congratulations to the mentees and their mentors for a job superbly done!

    June – Week of 10

    MAGIC 2019 Summer Session Off To A Great Start!

    The 2019 MAGIC summer session kicked off on the 15th of June with ten mentees participating in this session. Two of the mentees are rising 7th graders, and the remaining eight are high school students. Half of the mentees have remote mentors.

    MAGIC is piloting its program with a new partner this summer: The Oxford Day Academy in East Palo Alto, CA, from which one mentee is participating in the program. Another mentee is from Eastside College Preparatory, one of MAGIC's existing partners. The remaining eight mentees are independents (mentees who applied directly through our website, and aren't affiliated with any of our existing partner schools).

    Good luck to the ten mentee-mentor pairs in their MAGICal journey this summer!

    June – Week of 03

    Last Final Presentation Event of 2018-2019 Takes Place

    The last of the final presentation events for the MAGIC 2018-2019 sessions took place on Tuesday, June 4th, at The Salem Academy Charter School in Salem, Massachusetts. This mentoring session was accomplished through MAGIC's partnership with the Leap for Education (Leap4Ed) organization.

    Five middle school mentees presented their projects and demos to an audience consisting of 7th and 8th grade students of Salem Academy, the school staff, MAGIC mentors and MAGIC staff. The mentee-mentor pairs and their projects are as follows:

    • Emma S (6th grade), mentored by Sandra H, made a game using Scratch.
    • Lyda C (7th grade), mentored by Michelle D, created a website on climate change.
    • Maleah L (7th grade), mentored by Jess W, created an LGBTQ website.
    • Skylar W (7th grade), mentored by Smriti P, built a robot.
    • Grace T (8th grade), mentored by Stephanie C, built the model of a solar sensor car using Arduino and Python.

    Their presentation slides can be found here.

    Many thanks to Kayla Dorst, the LEAP for Education director and the MAGIC coordinator at Leap4Ed, and Kim Fujikawa, the MAGIC PM for Leap4Ed, for working hard to ensure a successful mentoring session at Leap4Ed.

    A huge congratulations to the mentees and their mentors for a job well done!

    May – Week of 27

    MAGIC Closing Events at Three Schools This Week

    Two schools on the west coast and a school on the east coast concluded their MAGIC sessions with final presentation events in the week of May 27th

    May 29 Events

    On May 29th, seven high school mentees from the Stella K. Abraham High School (SKA) in Long Beach, New York, gave presentations and demos of their MAGIC projects to an audience consisting of their peers, school staff, mentors, parents and families, and MAGIC staff. These mentee-mentor pairs and their projects are as follows:

    • Chani R (9th grade) mentored by Hindi L, worked on a clinical research project to study the impact of smart-phones and TV on the development of children.
    • Anna L (10th grade) mentored by Leah E, built a website to educate the public about the dangers of vaping.
    • Ariella B (10th grade) mentored by Bishakha M, worked on scientific research on resistance to antibiotics.
    • Ayelet T (10th grade) mentored by Gittie A, built a website to translate American Sign Language (ASL) into English.
    • Riki P (10th grade) mentored by Shami A, built an application to learn and quiz about the endocrine system.
    • Priva H (10th grade) mentored by Mindy L, worked on alcohol detection using image analysis and color changing methods.
    • Eliana M (12th grade) mentored by Yan G, built a hydro-car model to study how a fuel cell works.

    Their final presentations can be found in this slide deck.

    May 30 Events

    On May 30th, six middle school mentees from the two Milpitas Unified School District (MUSD) middle schools in Milpitas, California, namely, Rancho Milpitas Middle School and Thomas Russell Middle School, presented their MAGIC projects. The audience consisted of mentees and mentors, parents and families, MUSD administrators, and MAGIC staff. These six mentee-mentor pairs and their projects are as follows:

    • Ava W (7th grade) mentored by Jaelle S, built a Harry Potter Alexa trivia game using Amazon Web Services (AWS).
    • Michelle N (7th grade) mentored by Ellen Y, built a mechanical arm with attached claw, functioned by Arduino and an Android application.
    • Kitana L (7th grade) mentored by Anurupa R, used SketchUp to build models of houses, and then designed and built a 3D mini house with circuits.
    • Sheen R (7th grade) mentored by Shami A, made a video game using Scratch.
    • Shreya N (8th grade) mentored by Iryna B, researched multiple aspects of exo-planets, including analyzing huge amounts of astronomy data on exo-planets to identify the location of stars.
    • Serene J (8th grade) mentored by Divina V, built an online game, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.

    At this event, two guest mentees also presented their work:

    • Melanie R (10th grade), a mentee from the National Coalition of Black Women (NCBW), mentored by Venmathi G, built a desktop application using Arduino and Python for checking a person's stress level.
    • Chloe Wang (11th grade), an independent mentee mentored by Soja M, created a robot to draw Chinese characters.

    The presentations of these eight mentees at the MUSD final event can be found in this slide deck.

    Many thanks to the SKA coordinator Chana Glatt, MUSD coordinator Sheetal Raina, MAGIC PM for SKA Jennifer Horowitz, MAGIC PM for MUSD Jiawei Zhang, MAGIC PM for NCBW Michelle Garcia, and MAGIC PM for Independents Ira Pramanick, for their hard work and support of their MAGIC sessions.

    A huge congratulations to all the mentees and their mentors for a fantastic job!

    May – Week of 20

    Two MAGIC Closing Events this Week

    Two additional sets of MAGIC mentees concluded their mentoring sessions with final presentation events in the week of May 20.

    On the 20th, four middle school mentees from The Ann Richards School presented their MAGIC projects to their middle school peers, school staff, their mentors and MAGIC staff. The mentee-mentor pairs and their projects were as follows:

    • Camila C (Grade 6), mentored by Cher S, built a website about climate change.
    • Jayden M (Grade 6), mentored by Emily T, built a website on plants.
    • Triana D (Grade 6), mentored by Anouk S, built a blogs website.
    • Amrutha M (Grade 7), mentored by Madhura L, made a graphic design model of an airplane.

    Here's a link to the presentation slides from the event. The MAGIC program at Ann Richards was coordinated by Jill Dicuffa from Ann Richards, with Cherie Shedd serving as the PM from the MAGIC end.

    On May 22nd, an independent (that is, not from one of the MAGIC partner schools) mentee presented her project to her peers at her school. Kamna K, a seventh grader, combined her love of architecture and her goal of learning programming into her MAGIC project, and built a website to showcase her SketchUp house models. Kamna was mentored by Ira Pramanick. Here's a link to her slides.

    Hearty congratulations to all the mentees and mentors for a fabulous job!

    May – Week of 13

    MAGIC Sessions Conclude at Four More Schools

    The week of May 13 marked the closing events at four MAGIC partner schools:

    In all, fifteen mentees participated in these closing presentation events. Five of these mentees were high school students, and ten were middle school students. About half of these mentees were remotely mentored. Two mentees, one from our National Coalition of Black Women (NCBW) partner, and the other an independent mentee, also presented their projects at GMS and Castilleja respectively.

    Listed below are the event details, with the links to the final presentation slides for each event, and the mentee-mentor pairs at those events:

    • Castilleja presentation (slides):
      • Claire S (6th grader), mentored by Lakshmi KP, built an Arduino game
      • Samantha S (7th grader), mentored by Melissa M, built a robot
      • Sophia T (7th grader), mentored by Laney S, built an app for recognizing plants
      • Aasiya M (7th grader), mentored by Raji S, worked on techniques for making music
      • Ella N (9th grader), mentored by Naina T, built a housing market app
    • GMS presentation (slides):
      • Jane W (6th grader), mentored by Ellen B, built a website
      • Julia D (6th grader), mentored by Ranjitha K, built a video game
      • Sydney (6th grader), mentored by Pi-Chuan C, worked on cryptography
      • Alexa N (7th grader), mentored by Juhi B, built a website
      • Aria K (7th grader), mentored by Himica K, built a website/app
      • Laura C (8th grader), mentored by Anne Z, built a video game
      • Alexis H (10th grader), mentored by Theresa C, worked on the history of cameras
    • MSH presentation (slides):
      • Leah C (10th grader), mentored by Julia H, built a temperature sensor and a website
    • Deep Run presentation (slides):
      • Rosanne W (9th grader), mentored by Sunanda S, built a hangman game
      • Vaishnavi R (10th grader), mentored by Deepa K, built a book catalog

    Many thanks to the Coordinators for MAGIC at the schools:

    • Ann Greyson (Castilleja)
    • Tricia Kellison (GMS)
    • Aliza Feder (MSH)
    • Nirali Jantrania (Deep Run)

    and to the MAGIC Program Managers for these schools:

    • Ian Gulliver (Castilleja)
    • Ira Pramanick (GMS)
    • Jennifer Horowitz (MSH)
    • Jannie Wu (Deep Run)
    • Michelle Garcia (NCBW)

    A huge congratulations to each of the fifteen mentee-mentor pairs for their superb work!

    April – Week of 29

    MAGIC Session at Menlo School Concludes

    The MAGIC mentoring session at Menlo School in Atherton, CA, concluded this past week, with a final presentation event held on Thursday, May 2nd. Three mentees from Menlo, two sixth graders and a ninth grader, presented their work and showed demos of their projects to an audience consisting of Menlo middle school students, Menlo faculty, and members of the MAGIC core team. The mentee-mentor pairs and their projects were as follows:

    • Ruchi M (Grade 6), mentored by Neelam K, built a virtual drum set using Java.
    • Alexa M (Grade 6), mentored by Adele L, designed a website for senior citizens and wrote a grant proposal for it.
    • Grace T (Grade 9), mentored by Catherine W, designed and implemented style transfer using Machine Learning techniques.

    Here's a link to the presentation slides from the event. The MAGIC program at Menlo was coordinated by Nina A, the M-BEST Director at Menlo, with Ira Pramanick serving as the PM from the MAGIC end.

    Kudos to each mentee and mentor for a job well done!


    Spring 2019 MAGIC Session Kicks Off

    The Spring 2019 session for MAGIC kicked off this month at the following MAGIC partner organizations:

    Additionally, we have accepted three mentees who do not belong to any of our partners, but had applied online. Two of these mentees are from the west coast, and one from the east coast. The Spring session for MAGIC will culminate in the May/June time frame, with final presentation events at the partner sites.

    About seventy-five percent of the Spring session mentees are middle school students. The remaining twenty-five percent are high school students, from the Menlo School and the YULA Girls' High School, and one of the high school students is an independent mentee. About eighty percent of the mentor-mentee pairs of the Spring session will be meeting remotely.

    Good luck to all the mentor-mentee pairs as they embark upon their MAGICal journeys this spring!

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