• May

    2020-2021 MAGIC Sessions Come to an End

    The month of May saw the culmination of MAGIC mentoring sessions across ten partner schools/centers across the US, as well as three high school independents (mentees from non-partner schools who applied through our website). Forty-three mentees completed this mentoring session, each of them doing a fantastic job of their projects under the guidance of their mentors. The mentees gave talks on their MAGIC work and experience at the final presentation events at their school/center, as well as did a demo of their project.

    Below are the details of the sessions at each of the partners'.

    • Leap4Ed, Salem, Massachusetts:
      • School Coordinator(s): Steve Becroft and Madison Seligman
      • MAGIC Program Manager: Kim Fujikawa
      • Number of pairs of mentors/mentees: Six
      • Final Presentation Date: May 13, 2021
      • Presentation Slides
    • The Girls' Middle School, Palo Alto, California:
      • School Coordinator(s): Tricia Kellison
      • MAGIC Program Manager: Ira Pramanick
      • Number of pairs of mentors/mentees: Six
      • Final Presentation Date: May 18, 2021
      • Presentation Slides
    • Eastside College Preparatory School, East Palo Alto, California:
      • School Coordinator(s): Karla Garcia
      • MAGIC Program Manager: Ira Pramanick
      • Number of pairs of mentors/mentees: Two, plus one independent
      • Final Presentation Date: May 19, 2021
      • Presentation Slides
    • Rancho Milpitas Middle School and Thomas Russell Middle School
      (of the Milpitas Unified School District), Milpitas, California:
      • School Coordinator(s): Robert Jung and Sheetal Raina
      • MAGIC Program Manager: Ira Pramanick
      • Number of pairs of mentors/mentees: Seven
      • Final Presentation Date: May 20, 2021
      • Presentation Slides
    • Castilleja School, Palo Alto, California:
      • School Coordinator(s): Christina Courtney and Ann Greyson
      • MAGIC Program Manager: Ian Gulliver
      • Number of pairs of mentors/mentees: Three
      • Final Presentation Date: May 21, 2021
      • Presentation Slides
    • Menlo School, Atherton, California:
      • School Coordinator(s): Nina Arnberg
      • MAGIC Program Manager: Andrew Farmer
      • Number of pairs of mentors/mentees: Three
      • Final Presentation Date: May 24, 2021
      • Presentation Slides
    • Marymount School of New York, New York City, New York:
      • School Coordinator(s): Jessica Genter
      • MAGIC Program Manager: Ira Pramanick and Ben Lunzer
      • Number of pairs of mentors/mentees: Four, plus one independent
      • Final Presentation Date: May 25, 2021
      • Presentation Slides
    • Stella K Abraham School (SKA), Long Island, New York:
      • School Coordinator(s): Chana Glatt
      • MAGIC Program Manager: Ira Pramanick and Ben Lunzer
      • Number of pairs of mentors/mentees: Seven
      • Final Presentation Date: May 26, 2021
      • Presentation Slides
    • Brooklyn LAB Charter School, Brooklyn, New York:
      • School Coordinator(s): Kelly King
      • MAGIC Program Manager: Ira Pramanick and Ben Lunzer
      • Number of pairs of mentors/mentees: Two, plus one independent
      • Final Presentation Date: May 27, 2021
      • Presentation Slides

    Congratulations to all the mentee-mentor pairs on a job well done! Many thanks to the MAGIC Program Managers, school coordinators, and other volunteers for helping to make this another great session of MAGIC!

    January – February

    MAGIC Sessions Start for the Remaining Partners/Mentees

    The second round of 2020-2021 MAGIC sessions kicked off at the remaining MAGIC partner schools and for three independent mentees over the months of January and February. Each group of mentees accepted into this session is listed below:

    • January 7th: Menlo School: Three high schoolers were accepted into the program.
    • January 8th: Castilleja School: Three middle schoolers were accepted into the program.
    • January 14th: Leap For Education (Leap4Ed): Nine mentees were accepted into the program; three are high schoolers, and six are middle schoolers.
    • January 13th and February 2nd: Rancho Milpitas Middle School and Thomas Russell Middle School, respectively: A total of seven middle school mentees were accepted into the program.
    • Three independents — mentees who do not attend one of MAGIC's partner schools, but applied directly through our website — were also accepted into the program. All three are high schoolers, one each from the west and east coasts of the US, while our third independent mentee is from Brazil.

    Wishing the entire set of MAGIC mentees for 2020-2021 a very MAGICal mentoring journey!

  • December – Week of 14

    MAGIC Session Kicks off for Two More Schools

    The 2020-21 session of MAGIC kicked off at two additional schools this week.

    On Monday December 14 was the kickoff for a new partner of MAGIC on the east coast, the Brooklyn LAB Charter School in Brooklyn, New York. Three high schoolers from this school are participating in this pilot session — a ninth grader and two tenth graders.

    MAGIC also kicked off a session at one of MAGIC's existing partners on the west coast, the Eastside College Preparatory School in East Palo Alto, on Friday December 18. The two mentees participating this year from Eastside are both tenth graders.

    Here's wishing a MAGICal journey to both these groups of mentees!

    December – Week of 07

    MAGIC Session Kicks off for Two Additional Groups of Mentees

    The 2020-21 session of MAGIC is off to a great start at our oldest partner school, The Girls' Middle School in Palo Alto, California, with a mentee kickoff on Friday, December 11th. Seven girls have been selected to participate in this year's mentoring session: three sixth graders, two seventh graders, and two eighth graders.

    The second phase of the pilot MAGIC session, at Marymount School in Manhattan, New York, also kicked off on Friday, December 11th., with two additional mentees accepted into the program. Both of these mentees are tenth graders.

    Both these sets of mentees will start their mentoring session in January 2021.

    November – Week of 16

    2020-2021 MAGIC Mentoring Kicks Off on the East Coast

    The MAGIC mentoring for the 2020-2021 session is off to a great start with the kickoffs at the following two schools on the east coast:

    Marymount is a new MAGIC partner, and the pilot MAGIC session there will proceed in two phases. The first phase kicked off earlier this month, with two mentees participating in the program. Both the mentees are in the 11th. grade. The second phase will kick off in December. Both phases will end with a final presentation event in May 2021.

    The 2020-21 session is the fourth MAGIC session at SKA. Seven mentees have been selected into the program this year, and are from grades 9 through 12. The session will end with a final presentation event in May 2021.

    Here's wishing each mentee-mentor pair a great MAGICal experience!

    November – Week of 02

    MAGIC Mentee Alumnae Attend Google Virtual Field Trip

    Google's Women@Health team partnered with MAGIC to host a virtual field trip for a group of MAGIC mentee alumnae, who are currently high school students. The event was held on the afternoon of Friday, November 6th. Eleven mentee alumnae attended this event. It was a fun-packed afternoon, and included:

    • a keynote speech by an exec,
    • a Zumba session,
    • an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, hosted by a software engineer and a pediatrician, and
    • an interactive kit building activity, conducted by two software engineers (each mentee had been sent a space solar robotic kit prior to the event).

    Each mentee alum had a wonderful experience.

    Thank you Google's Women@Health team for hosting this amazing event for the girls!

    August – Week of 24

    MAGIC Founder Delivers Keynote Address at Hackathon

    MAGIC founder Ira Pramanick was invited to give a keynote at an online hackathon hosted by NewtonHACKS on August 29th, 2020. This was an all-day event for beginner programmers entering Grades 6-12. Ira was invited to talk about her experience as a woman in CS, and how she overcame the challenges/struggles that faced her. She weaved her story into this slide deck that she created for her keynote.

    August – Week of 24

    2020 MAGIC Summer Session Concludes

    Eight mentees and a summer intern presented their work over the summer session, spanning ten weeks of their work under the guidance of their mentors, on Friday, August 28th. This final presentation event was a virtual Zoom event, and the audience consisted of mentees' families and teachers, mentors, board members and a few interested members of the community at large. The mentee projects included:

    • An Android app to help people buy essentials during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Collection and analysis results on teenage mental health during social isolation.
    • An Arduino-based heart rate monitor to aid safe driving.
    • A website for educating middle- and high-school students on COVID-19.
    • Collection and analysis of data to understand the connection between asthma and genetics.
    • Analyzing publicly available Covid-19 data to understand its correlation to race in New York City.
    • A website of games, built using React and Machine Learning.
    • Building a neural network to diagnose Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
    • Add features to, and make ready for launching, a past-mentee projects website.

    The slide deck of the mentee presentations can be found here.

    Recordings of the mentee presentations and mentee-mentor interviews will be published on our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages in the near future!

    Congratulations to all the mentees and mentors, and our intern, on a fantastic job!

    June – Week of 15

    2020 MAGIC Summer Session Off to a Great Start

    The summer 2020 session of MAGIC mentoring kicked off in the week of June 15th, with ten mentees participating in the program, ranging from a rising 7th. grader, all the way to a high school graduate (rising freshman in college). Two of the mentees are from New York, one from Florida, one from Washington, and the remaining six from the San Francisco bay area. The ten summer mentors are located in various parts of the US, including New York, Ohio, Washington DC, Washington, and the San Francisco bay area.

    The summer session will be ten weeks long, and will culminate with a final presentation event at the end of August.

    Wishing a MAGICal journey to the ten mentee-mentor pairs!

    June – Week of 01

    2019-2020 MAGIC Session Concludes!

    The 2019-20 MAGIC mentoring session concluded with final presentation events at all the MAGIC partners, starting from May 13th., all the way to June 1st. The final events were online events, using Zoom. Each mentee presented her learning experience and her project, and did a demo of her project. Each mentee-mentor pair was interviewed on the same day regarding their experience. Videos of the presentation and interviews will be published in the near future to MAGIC's LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts.

    A total of thirty-one mentees graduated during this session of MAGIC, across nine partner schools and three independent schools. The partner schools were located in the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York City.

    Many thanks to the MAGIC partners for their support of the program, notably to the MAGIC coordinators at these schools:

    MAGIC is grateful to the MAGIC Program Managers (PMs) for ensuring the success of the program by taking care of each of the sessions with a great deal of attention and detail:

    MAGIC would also like to extend its heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who helped interview the mentor-mentee pairs at the final event. Last, but not least, MAGIC is indebted to Ian Gulliver, for taking care of all the online final event logistics and the recording and production of the presentation and interview videos.

    A huge congratulations to all the mentees and mentors on an outstanding job!

    November 2019 – February 2020

    2019-2020 MAGIC Session Starts!

    The 2019-2020 session of MAGIC has completed its kickoff at its various partner schools, with the first of the series of kickoffs taking place in November 2019, and the last kickoff taking place in February 2020. We have nine partner schools participating this year, and three independent mentees as well. Out of the nine partners, two are in New York, one in Los Angeles, and six in the bay area. A total of thirty-nine mentees are participating in this session — nineteen of these mentees are high school students and twenty are middle school students. The number of remote mentor-mentee pairs is approximately fifty percent of all the pairs.

    The partners are:

    The three independent mentees are from the following high schools in the bay area:

    Good luck to each mentee-mentor pair on their MAGICal journey!

  • September – Week of 02

    MAGIC 2019 Summer Session Comes to a Close!

    Ten MAGIC mentees who participated in the 2019 summer mentoring session presented their work and demonstrated their projects at the final presentation event on Friday, September 6th. This event was held at the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. The audience consisted of mentors, mentee families, teachers and members of the MAGIC staff.

    The mentee-mentor pairs and their projects were as follows:

    • Isha G (7th grade), mentored by Elissa M, built a food waste website
    • Nithya P (7th grade), mentored by Yvonne Z, built an Android app for providing food to homeless people
    • Saakshi C (9th grade), mentored by Komal G, built a chat service for food donation, for restaurants and nonprofits
    • Sophia M (9th grade), mentored by Shilpa G, built a Simon game using Python
    • Aruna G (10th grade), mentored by Sonali P, conducted research on biodiversity
    • Kimberly N (10th grade), mentored by Smriti P, built a personal website
    • Leslie G-S (10th grade), mentored by Sneha K, built a personal finance tracker iOS app
    • Seema L (12th grade), mentored by Ria S, designed a photo sharing iOS app to connect students
    • Xiomara Q (12th grade), mentored by Jo Y, built a website for providing information to teenagers
    • Ruchi K (12th grade), mentored by Anne Z, designed the UI for, and then built the MAGIC mentee projects website; this work was done as part of her summer internship with MAGIC

    The slides from the presentation can be found here.

    Many thanks to the two MAGIC PMs, Jannie Wu and Ira Pramanick, for managing the summer session, and a huge thanks to Google for hosting the final presentation event.

    Congratulations to the mentees and their mentors for a job superbly done!

    June – Week of 10

    MAGIC 2019 Summer Session Off To A Great Start!

    The 2019 MAGIC summer session kicked off on the 15th of June with ten mentees participating in this session. Two of the mentees are rising 7th graders, and the remaining eight are high school students. Half of the mentees have remote mentors.

    MAGIC is piloting its program with a new partner this summer: The Oxford Day Academy in East Palo Alto, CA, from which one mentee is participating in the program. Another mentee is from Eastside College Preparatory, one of MAGIC's existing partners. The remaining eight mentees are independents (mentees who applied directly through our website, and aren't affiliated with any of our existing partner schools).

    Good luck to the ten mentee-mentor pairs in their MAGICal journey this summer!

    June – Week of 03

    Last Final Presentation Event of 2018-2019 Takes Place

    The last of the final presentation events for the MAGIC 2018-2019 sessions took place on Tuesday, June 4th, at The Salem Academy Charter School in Salem, Massachusetts. This mentoring session was accomplished through MAGIC's partnership with the Leap for Education (Leap4Ed) organization.

    Five middle school mentees presented their projects and demos to an audience consisting of 7th and 8th grade students of Salem Academy, the school staff, MAGIC mentors and MAGIC staff. The mentee-mentor pairs and their projects are as follows:

    • Emma S (6th grade), mentored by Sandra H, made a game using Scratch.
    • Lyda C (7th grade), mentored by Michelle D, created a website on climate change.
    • Maleah L (7th grade), mentored by Jess W, created an LGBTQ website.
    • Skylar W (7th grade), mentored by Smriti P, built a robot.
    • Grace T (8th grade), mentored by Stephanie C, built the model of a solar sensor car using Arduino and Python.

    Their presentation slides can be found here.

    Many thanks to Kayla Dorst, the LEAP for Education director and the MAGIC coordinator at Leap4Ed, and Kim Fujikawa, the MAGIC PM for Leap4Ed, for working hard to ensure a successful mentoring session at Leap4Ed.

    A huge congratulations to the mentees and their mentors for a job well done!

    May – Week of 27

    MAGIC Closing Events at Three Schools This Week

    Two schools on the west coast and a school on the east coast concluded their MAGIC sessions with final presentation events in the week of May 27th

    May 29 Events

    On May 29th, seven high school mentees from the Stella K. Abraham High School (SKA) in Long Beach, New York, gave presentations and demos of their MAGIC projects to an audience consisting of their peers, school staff, mentors, parents and families, and MAGIC staff. These mentee-mentor pairs and their projects are as follows:

    • Chani R (9th grade) mentored by Hindi L, worked on a clinical research project to study the impact of smart-phones and TV on the development of children.
    • Anna L (10th grade) mentored by Leah E, built a website to educate the public about the dangers of vaping.
    • Ariella B (10th grade) mentored by Bishakha M, worked on scientific research on resistance to antibiotics.
    • Ayelet T (10th grade) mentored by Gittie A, built a website to translate American Sign Language (ASL) into English.
    • Riki P (10th grade) mentored by Shami A, built an application to learn and quiz about the endocrine system.
    • Priva H (10th grade) mentored by Mindy L, worked on alcohol detection using image analysis and color changing methods.
    • Eliana M (12th grade) mentored by Yan G, built a hydro-car model to study how a fuel cell works.

    Their final presentations can be found in this slide deck.

    May 30 Events

    On May 30th, six middle school mentees from the two Milpitas Unified School District (MUSD) middle schools in Milpitas, California, namely, Rancho Milpitas Middle School and Thomas Russell Middle School, presented their MAGIC projects. The audience consisted of mentees and mentors, parents and families, MUSD administrators, and MAGIC staff. These six mentee-mentor pairs and their projects are as follows:

    • Ava W (7th grade) mentored by Jaelle S, built a Harry Potter Alexa trivia game using Amazon Web Services (AWS).
    • Michelle N (7th grade) mentored by Ellen Y, built a mechanical arm with attached claw, functioned by Arduino and an Android application.
    • Kitana L (7th grade) mentored by Anurupa R, used SketchUp to build models of houses, and then designed and built a 3D mini house with circuits.
    • Sheen R (7th grade) mentored by Shami A, made a video game using Scratch.
    • Shreya N (8th grade) mentored by Iryna B, researched multiple aspects of exo-planets, including analyzing huge amounts of astronomy data on exo-planets to identify the location of stars.
    • Serene J (8th grade) mentored by Divina V, built an online game, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.

    At this event, two guest mentees also presented their work:

    • Melanie R (10th grade), a mentee from the National Coalition of Black Women (NCBW), mentored by Venmathi G, built a desktop application using Arduino and Python for checking a person's stress level.
    • Chloe Wang (11th grade), an independent mentee mentored by Soja M, created a robot to draw Chinese characters.

    The presentations of these eight mentees at the MUSD final event can be found in this slide deck.

    Many thanks to the SKA coordinator Chana Glatt, MUSD coordinator Sheetal Raina, MAGIC PM for SKA Jennifer Horowitz, MAGIC PM for MUSD Jiawei Zhang, MAGIC PM for NCBW Michelle Garcia, and MAGIC PM for Independents Ira Pramanick, for their hard work and support of their MAGIC sessions.

    A huge congratulations to all the mentees and their mentors for a fantastic job!

    May – Week of 20

    Two MAGIC Closing Events this Week

    Two additional sets of MAGIC mentees concluded their mentoring sessions with final presentation events in the week of May 20.

    On the 20th, four middle school mentees from The Ann Richards School presented their MAGIC projects to their middle school peers, school staff, their mentors and MAGIC staff. The mentee-mentor pairs and their projects were as follows:

    • Camila C (Grade 6), mentored by Cher S, built a website about climate change.
    • Jayden M (Grade 6), mentored by Emily T, built a website on plants.
    • Triana D (Grade 6), mentored by Anouk S, built a blogs website.
    • Amrutha M (Grade 7), mentored by Madhura L, made a graphic design model of an airplane.

    Here's a link to the presentation slides from the event. The MAGIC program at Ann Richards was coordinated by Jill Dicuffa from Ann Richards, with Cherie Shedd serving as the PM from the MAGIC end.

    On May 22nd, an independent (that is, not from one of the MAGIC partner schools) mentee presented her project to her peers at her school. Kamna K, a seventh grader, combined her love of architecture and her goal of learning programming into her MAGIC project, and built a website to showcase her SketchUp house models. Kamna was mentored by Ira Pramanick. Here's a link to her slides.

    Hearty congratulations to all the mentees and mentors for a fabulous job!

    May – Week of 13

    MAGIC Sessions Conclude at Four More Schools

    The week of May 13 marked the closing events at four MAGIC partner schools:

    In all, fifteen mentees participated in these closing presentation events. Five of these mentees were high school students, and ten were middle school students. About half of these mentees were remotely mentored. Two mentees, one from our National Coalition of Black Women (NCBW) partner, and the other an independent mentee, also presented their projects at GMS and Castilleja respectively.

    Listed below are the event details, with the links to the final presentation slides for each event, and the mentee-mentor pairs at those events:

    • Castilleja presentation (slides):
      • Claire S (6th grader), mentored by Lakshmi KP, built an Arduino game
      • Samantha S (7th grader), mentored by Melissa M, built a robot
      • Sophia T (7th grader), mentored by Laney S, built an app for recognizing plants
      • Aasiya M (7th grader), mentored by Raji S, worked on techniques for making music
      • Ella N (9th grader), mentored by Naina T, built a housing market app
    • GMS presentation (slides):
      • Jane W (6th grader), mentored by Ellen B, built a website
      • Julia D (6th grader), mentored by Ranjitha K, built a video game
      • Sydney (6th grader), mentored by Pi-Chuan C, worked on cryptography
      • Alexa N (7th grader), mentored by Juhi B, built a website
      • Aria K (7th grader), mentored by Himica K, built a website/app
      • Laura C (8th grader), mentored by Anne Z, built a video game
      • Alexis H (10th grader), mentored by Theresa C, worked on the history of cameras
    • MSH presentation (slides):
      • Leah C (10th grader), mentored by Julia H, built a temperature sensor and a website
    • Deep Run presentation (slides):
      • Rosanne W (9th grader), mentored by Sunanda S, built a hangman game
      • Vaishnavi R (10th grader), mentored by Deepa K, built a book catalog

    Many thanks to the Coordinators for MAGIC at the schools:

    • Ann Greyson (Castilleja)
    • Tricia Kellison (GMS)
    • Aliza Feder (MSH)
    • Nirali Jantrania (Deep Run)

    and to the MAGIC Program Managers for these schools:

    • Ian Gulliver (Castilleja)
    • Ira Pramanick (GMS)
    • Jennifer Horowitz (MSH)
    • Jannie Wu (Deep Run)
    • Michelle Garcia (NCBW)

    A huge congratulations to each of the fifteen mentee-mentor pairs for their superb work!

    April – Week of 29

    MAGIC Session at Menlo School Concludes

    The MAGIC mentoring session at Menlo School in Atherton, CA, concluded this past week, with a final presentation event held on Thursday, May 2nd. Three mentees from Menlo, two sixth graders and a ninth grader, presented their work and showed demos of their projects to an audience consisting of Menlo middle school students, Menlo faculty, and members of the MAGIC core team. The mentee-mentor pairs and their projects were as follows:

    • Ruchi M (Grade 6), mentored by Neelam K, built a virtual drum set using Java.
    • Alexa M (Grade 6), mentored by Adele L, designed a website for senior citizens and wrote a grant proposal for it.
    • Grace T (Grade 9), mentored by Catherine W, designed and implemented style transfer using Machine Learning techniques.

    Here's a link to the presentation slides from the event. The MAGIC program at Menlo was coordinated by Nina A, the M-BEST Director at Menlo, with Ira Pramanick serving as the PM from the MAGIC end.

    Kudos to each mentee and mentor for a job well done!


    Spring 2019 MAGIC Session Kicks Off

    The Spring 2019 session for MAGIC kicked off this month at the following MAGIC partner organizations:

    Additionally, we have accepted three mentees who do not belong to any of our partners, but had applied online. Two of these mentees are from the west coast, and one from the east coast. The Spring session for MAGIC will culminate in the May/June time frame, with final presentation events at the partner sites.

    About seventy-five percent of the Spring session mentees are middle school students. The remaining twenty-five percent are high school students, from the Menlo School and the YULA Girls' High School, and one of the high school students is an independent mentee. About eighty percent of the mentor-mentee pairs of the Spring session will be meeting remotely.

    Good luck to all the mentor-mentee pairs as they embark upon their MAGICal journeys this spring!

  • December

    MAGIC 2018-2019 Off to a Great Start!

    MAGIC 2018-19 has been off to a great start with sessions kicking off at several of our partners on the west and east coasts of the US, including the states of California, New York, and Virginia. These partners are:

    About 60% of these mentees are middle schoolers, and the remaining 40% are high school students. Our mentors are located in various parts of the US; about 50% of our mentees are being remotely mentored!

    We are also in the process of kicking off spring mentoring in our other partner schools/centers in Massachusetts, Texas and the California Bay Area.

    As we look forward to another fruitful year of MAGIC, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our partners, mentors and volunteers for their strong support of the program!


    MAGIC Summer Session Comes to a Close!

    The 2018 summer session of MAGIC came to a close with two final presentation events, one on the west coast and the other on the east coast.

    The east coast final presentation event took place on Thursday, September 13th., and was hosted by Kayla Dorst, Director of Program and Innovation at the Leap for Education (Leap4Ed) organization in Salem, MA. Three mentees from three schools presented at this event. Special thanks to Kayla for integrating Jalyn M. from Southern California into the east coast presentation line up.

    • Jalyn M. from Thousand Oaks High School in Southern California; Jalyn was remotely mentored by Jen T. from USAA in San Antonio, TX.
    • Jessica V. from Saltonstall School in Salem, MA; Jessica was remotely mentored by Stephanie C. from MIT in Boston, MA.
    • Kyla B. from Salem High School in Salem, MA; Kyla was remotely mentored by Juhi B. from Rice University in Houston, TX.

    The west coast final presentation event was hosted by the Eastside College Preparatory School in East Palo Alto, CA, on Friday, the 14th. of September. Six mentees from four schools presented at this event:

    • Alexa T. from the Menlo School in Atherton, CA; Alexa was remotely mentored by Shruthi B. from the University of Chicago, IL.
    • Gabriella D. from Notre Dame High School in San Jose, CA; Gabriella was mentored by Melissa M. from Varian Medical Systems in San Jose, CA.
    • Mariana H. from Notre Dame High School in San Jose, CA; Mariana was mentored by Anne Z. from Honeycomb Data in Santa Clara, CA.
    • Priscilla V. from Eastside College Preparatory School in East Palo Alto, CA; Priscilla was remotely mentored by Claire B. from the University of California in Santa Cruz, CA.
    • Shravya S. from the Deep Run High School in Glen Allen, VA; Shravya was remotely mentored by Naina T. from DNANexus in Mountain View, CA.
    • Shreya B. from Notre Dame High School in San Jose, CA; Shreya was mentored by Smriti P. from MIT, MA, who was also a Google intern during the summer.

    Many thanks to the MAGIC coordinators for a successful summer session: Ira Pramanick for Menlo and Independents, Jannie Wu for Eastside, Kim Fujikawa for Leap4Ed, and Shami Ahuja for Notre Dame.

    Kudos to all the mentees for a very impressive set of presentations, demos and their projects, and to their mentors for guiding them in their MAGICal journey this summer!


    MAGIC Summer Mentoring Kicks Off

    As in the past few summers, MAGIC has offered a limited number of mentoring slots this summer. Eight mentees have been accepted in the program this summer, three from the east coast and five from the west coast.

    MAGIC is pleased to pilot a partnership this summer with Notre Dame High School in San Jose, with three high schoolers participating as mentees. The other two west coast mentees are from our existing partner schools, the Eastside College Preparatory School in East Palo Alto, CA, and the Menlo School in Atherton, CA. From the east coast, two of the mentees are from MAGIC's existing partner organization, Leap for Education, based in Salem, MA, and the third mentee comes from an independent, non-partner school channel, and is located in Virginia.

    Seven of the mentees are high schoolers, and one is from the sixth grade. Five of the mentees are being remotely mentored, and the remaining three have face-to-face mentoring meetings.

    All the best to the summer mentee-mentor pairs for a fruitful mentoring session. We cannot wait to hear you present your projects at the end of the summer session!

    June – Week of 18

    The Last of the MAGIC End-of-Year Presentations Conclude

    The last of the 2017-18 mentee presentations for MAGIC was held on Monday, June 18th., at The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, CA. The mentees who presented were from non-partner schools, and had applied to the MAGIC program via the website. Many of these mentees are located in various parts of the US, as are many of the mentors, and traveled to the bay area for this presentation. Four of the mentees were middle schoolers and three were high schoolers. Here are the slides presented at the event.

    The seven mentee-mentor pairs and their projects were as follows:

    • Svan L (mentee), Anouk S (mentor), Apps Using MIT AppInventor
    • Akshaya NR (mentee), Sandra H (mentor), Community Service Website
    • Madison S (mentee), Neelam K (mentor), Core Java Apps
    • Aishani M (mentee), Meera V (mentor), AWS Photo Recognition
    • Gracie M (mentee), Laney S (mentor), Grocery Store App for the Visually Impaired
    • Ishani S (mentee), Melissa M (mentor), Squarefinder: Creating QR Codes
    • Jalyn M (mentee), Jen T (mentor), Concussion Symptom Tracking Mobile App

    These pairs were coordinated by Ira Pramanick and Kim Fujikawa from MAGIC.

    A huge congratulations to all the mentees and their mentors for a job superbly done!

    MAGIC is grateful to the Tech Museum for sponsoring this event, and is looking forward to a fruitful partnership in the future!

    June – Week of 04

    MAGIC End-of-Year Presentations in Southern California

    MAGIC’s end-of-year presentations continued in Southern California at the Yeshiva of Los Angeles Girls High School (YULA) on Friday June 8th. The presentations were held in the YULA STEAM Lab with an audience that included the YULA STEM Club, parents of the mentees, YULA administrative staff, and mentors (both in person and remote). Four mentees completed their MAGIC program: Jennifer P., Natalie S., Eliana S., and Elisheva G. Their mentors were Jessica W., Joan D., Iryna B., and Adele L. respectively. Each of the mentees presented their final projects, as outlined below. The presentation slides can be viewed here.

    • Jennifer’s interest in web application development led her to both defend and attack a website utilizing virtual machines to simulate offensive and defensive computers.
    • Natalie conceptualized and developed a website that examines the causes, effects and relievers of stress.
    • Eliana focused on research into factors that influence how well people remember words. She also explored many areas of science, including artificial intelligence and embryology.
    • Elisheva created an app that can detect traumatic impact from changes in temperature, atmospheric pressure, etc., and then send out a signal to call for help.

    Special thanks to Jordana Wertheimer, Director of Student Life and Leadership, for hosting the presentation at YULA. This session at YULA was coordinated by Kim Fujikawa from MAGIC.

    May – Week of 20

    MAGIC End-of-Year Presentations Continue

    The week of May 20th. witnessed three final presentation events for MAGIC.

    • The first one was held on Monday, May 21st., at the offices of the Milpitas Unified School District (MUSD). The final event was for a pilot session of MAGIC at MUSD, in which six middle schoolers from Thomas Russell Middle School and Rancho Middle School were selected and paired with a MAGIC mentor each. Four of the mentors were located in the bay area, one in Santa Cruz, and the sixth one in New Orleans. The mentoring was therefore face to face or remote, depending on the location of the mentor. The six mentees were Aaryani V., Annabelle L., Anvesha T., Maria V., Meriam S. and Theonne M., and the mentors were Anurupa Rao, Jaelle Scheuerman, Katherine Dale, Madhura Limaye, Shami Ahuja and Soja Marie-Morgens. This MAGIC session was jointly coordinated by Robert Jung from MUSD and Linsday Rawitscher from MAGIC, with significant help from Shami Ahuja from MAGIC. Slides of the final presentation can be found here.
    • The second final event was held at The Girls' Middle School (GMS) on Tuesday, May 22nd. Five middle school girls from GMS were selected into the program: Anjali U., Ella T., Leslie S., Meghana I., and Mia T. All five of the mentors in this case were located in the bay area, and the mentoring was mostly face to face. The mentors were Dhana Shunmugasundram, Pi-chuan Chang, Priscilla Pham, Ranjitha Kulkarni, and Tasneem Dalal.
    • This event marked the completion of a ten-year partnership between GMS and MAGIC. GMS was the initial partner for MAGIC in its pilot year, the 2008-2009 session. Since then, MAGIC has been fortunate to have GMS as a partner each year. To date, MAGIC has mentored more than 60 girls from GMS, and looks forward to many more years of partnership in the future. This year's session was jointly coordinated by Tricia Kellison from GMS and Ira Pramanick from MAGIC. Slides of the presentation from this year can be found here.
    • The last final presentation event of the week was held on Thursday May 24th. at the Stella K Abraham High School (SKA) in New York. The partnership between MAGIC and SKA was formed in the fall of 2017, and SKA is the first partner of MAGIC in the state of New York! Five high schooler mentees were selected into this pilot session of MAGIC at SKA, and they are: Abigail R., Atara I., Kayla E., Meira S., and Priva H. All five mentees were remotely mentored by mentors located outside New York, from Boston all the way to New Orleans. The mentors are: Stephanie Chou, Elisheva Aeder, Mindy Levine, Sonali Pandhe, and Andrea Martin. This session was jointly coordinated by Chana Glatt from SKA and Lindsay Rawitcher from MAGIC, with significant guidance from Ben Lunzer of MAGIC. Here're the slides presented at this event.

    The mentees worked on a wide range of extremely interesting projects, ranging from building websites, robots, drug development for breast cancer, and using technology for architectural designs, to mention a few. The final presentation events were attended by mentees' family members, mentors, school administrators and teachers and members of the MAGIC core team.

    MAGIC is excited about expanding its partners into various parts of the US, and continuing its program with its oldest partner.

    May – Week of 13

    More MAGIC End-of-Year Presentations

    MAGIC mentoring sessions completed in two schools in Northern California in the week of May 13th. Castilleja School in Palo Alto had the final presentation event on May 14th., and Menlo School in Atherton had the final presentation event on May 18th. These events were attended by families of mentees, mentors, school administrators and teachers, and MAGIC staff.

    The MAGIC program at Castilleja had four mentees in this session: Claire W., Ellie G., Isabelle C., and Julia C. These mentees are all in sixth grade. The four mentors are all located in the bay area and were able to be physically present at the event. The mentors were: Deepa Mohan, Falguni Jhaveri, Hema Hariharan, and Venmathi Gunasekaran.

    The mentees presented about the projects that they worked on with their MAGIC mentors this session, spanning a diverse range of topics from a "Dungeons and Dragons"-inspired game, website creation, Python coding, machine learning, and wildfire data analysis. This session was jointly managed by Ann Greyson and Angelika Grossman from Castilleja and Ian Gulliver from MAGIC. The Castilleja presentation slides can be found here.

    Three girls, two from sixth grade and the third from eighth grade, were MAGIC mentees at Menlo: Kaavya B., Lucinda S. and Amy W. Two of the mentors, Lakshmi KP and Smriti Pramanick, are remotely located, and conducted their mentoring using Google hangouts or Skype. The third mentor, Michelle Dion, is based in the bay area, and did both face to face and remote meetings with her mentee.

    The mentee projects consisted of building a website to locate a lost dog, designing and building a magnetically levitating car, and an Arduino based laser tag game. This session was jointly managed by Nina Arnberg from Menlo and Ira Pramanick from MAGIC. The Menlo presentation slides can be found here.

    May – Early Part

    MAGIC End-of-Year Presentations Start

    On May 1st., MAGIC mentee Anna Y. presented her work at LEAP for Education in Salem, Massachusetts. Anna’s MAGIC mentor, Julia Harper, joined the presentation in person and introduced Anna to the audience made up of young girls who were presenting from the Girls Who Code organization. Kayla Dorst, Director of Programs and Innovation at LEAP for Education, hosted the event.

    For her project, Anna developed an online To-Do List application with enhanced features, using several languages including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Her software toolkit consisted of GitHub Web Page, GitHub Desktop, and the Atom Editor. LEAP for Education’s mission is to empower first-generation-to-college and under-served youth to succeed in college, careers, and life.

    This mentoring session was coordinated by MAGIC Program Coordinator Kim Fujikawa. The slides from Anna's presentation can be viewed here.

    Another MAGIC end-of-year presentation was held on May 9th. at the Deep Run High School, Virginia. This is a new partnership for MAGIC, and our very first pilot in Virginia!

    School sponsor Ms. Lynn Norris, MAGIC board member Seema Shukla, and Deep Run Coordinator and MAGIC mentor Deepa Kalkunte attended the presentation in person. MAGIC founder Ira Pramanick and MAGIC mentor Sunanda Sridhar joined via Google hangout.

    After a brief introduction to MAGIC and the benefits of this mentoring program to the students in Deep Run’s Girls of Center of Information Technology (GoCIT) club, mentees Mia L. and Allie Q. presented their MAGICal experiences and their projects:

    • Mia wrote a Python program, learned ALICE while adapting a published solution, and was introduced to Raspberry Pi programming and IOT.
    • Allie was introduced to data analytics, and created a word cloud, through Twitter analysis using transformation techniques in the R programming language.

    Both mentees showed great commitment throughout the program, and were very grateful to have been given this opportunity. Their presentations slides can be viewed here.


    Second MAGIC session at the Ann Richards School

    A MAGIC session was kicked off this month at Ann Richards School in Austin, Texas. This is the second session of MAGIC at Ann Richards, which had a pilot session in the spring of 2017. This session will continue through summer of 2018, culminating with a final presentation in early September.

    Two mentees from Ann Richards have been selected to participate in MAGIC for this session, one a sixth-grader and the other an eighth-grader. The sixth grader has been paired with a local mentor and the eighth grader is being mentored remotely by a professional in the San Francisco bay area.

    Here's wishing the two mentor-mentee pairs a magical experience as they together explore STEM topics over the next five months!

    MAGIC Mentee's Paper Published in the PLOS Biology Journal

    One of our past MAGIC mentees, Ria S., co-authored the paper "Digital Health: Tracking Physiomes and Activity Using Wearable Biosensors Reveals Useful Health-Related Information", while working as an intern in the Bioinformatics Group in the Department of Genetics at the Stanford University School of Medicine. The paper was published on Jan. 12, 2018. The Stanford Medicine News Center also ran an article about it.

    Bravo, Ria, we are all very proud of you!

    January – Week of 15

    MAGIC Kicks Off a Spring Mentoring Session at Menlo School

    The Menlo School held its MAGIC mentoring kickoff event for the spring session on January 19th. This is the second session following a very successful MAGIC pilot in the summer of 2017.

    The spring MAGIC session at Menlo consists of three middle school mentees, two in the sixth grade and the third in the eighth grade. Two of the mentors are professionals in the bay area, and the third one is an undergraduate student of Computer Science at MIT, who will be remotely mentoring her sixth grade mentee.

    MAGIC is being offered at Menlo School under the umbrella of Menlo's Bridge to Engineering, Science, Math and Technology (M-BEST) program, which has the goal of providing young women with various opportunities to explore their interests in STEM. M-BEST and MAGIC are delighted to be partnering with each other, and are thankful to the volunteer mentors who make these experiences possible for the mentees.

    Here's wishing the Menlo mentee-mentors pair a wonderful journey as each pair explores the magic of STEM over the next five months!

    January – Week of 08

    MAGIC in its Fifth Year at Castilleja School

    MAGIC launched its spring session at Castilleja School, Palo Alto, CA, on Wednesday, January 10, marking its fifth year of collaboration with Castilleja. Four sixth grade girls attended with their parents, and received personal letters of introduction from their new mentors, who span the range of software and hardware engineers to product managers at a variety of tech companies. The Castilleja session runs January through May, when the mentees will do a final presentation of their projects for their parents, peers, and school representatives.

    Castilleja continues to be an outstanding partner, and we wish each of the new mentees a MAGICal year with their mentors!

  • Under Construction

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  • November

    MAGIC Session for the Second Year at Eastside Preparatory

    MAGIC mentoring was kicked off for the second consecutive year at Eastside College Preparatory School in early November. Seven high school girls are participating as mentees in the program; five of these are juniors, and two are sophomores. Four out of the seven mentoring pairs will do face to face meetings since the mentors in question are local to the bay area, whereas the remaining three will participate in remote mentoring.


    MAGIC Session Kicks Off at The Girls' Middle School

    The third annual session (2010-2011) of MAGIC started at The Girls' Middle School (GMS) this month. Four spots were offered by MAGIC to the GMS girls; the four mentees consist of a sixth-grader, a seventh-grader and two eighth graders. Two of the mentors are located in the bay area, whereas the remaining two are located in the East Coast. Therefore, half of the GMS mentoring will happen remotely during this session.


    MAGIC Poster at Grace Hopper Conference

    Two of the GMS MAGIC mentees from the 2009-2010 MAGIC session demonstrated some of their MAGIC projects, along with their mentors, at the 2010 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing held in Atlanta from Sept. 28 - Oct 2. The two mentor-mentee pairs, AnaSofia Wang and Pi-chuan Chang, and Julia Zaratan and Ritu Khare, presented "STEM Projects and Experiences: A MAGICal Perspective" in the GHC poster session.


    MAGIC Sessions Conclude at Eastside and Keiller

    The 2009-2010 session of MAGIC at Eastside College Preparatory School and at Keiller Leadership Academy concluded with each of the mentees having completed some project or projects in STEM with their mentors. The projects ranged from finding out what tools and resources it takes to make a website to how X-Rays work, in addition to finding out about various branches of engineering. For the Eastside mentees, one of the high points of their mentoring was a day trip to IBM Research Center in San Jose, where they met with several leading scientists of IBM and got demonstrations of leading edge technology that these researchers are currently working on. One of the mentees wants to participate in another year of MAGIC mentoring.


    Second MAGIC session concludes at GMS

    The 2009-2010 session of MAGIC at The Girls' Middle School (GMS) concluded this month. Each of the five MAGIC mentees at GMS gave a short presentation, followed by a demo, of one or more of the projects they worked on with their mentors as part of their MAGIC mentoring sessions. A non-GMS mentee (who was part of the 2nd year of MAGIC mentoring, but not through a school), also presented her work at this event. The presentations included topics such as programs in Scratch and Alice, making a web page including details of CSS and Flash programming, programs in LEGO, Android programming, Python programming, investigative reports on the Mars rover, how gears work and other engineering topics. Each mentee did a great job of presenting her work!

    The audience for this GMS MAGIC event consisted of present and past GMS MAGIC mentees, MAGIC mentors, parents of MAGIC mentees, and school officials including the GMS Head of school, Assistant Head, and the Dean of students.

    MAGIC mentoring for the 2009-2010 sessions at Keiller and Eastside are going to continue through summer.


    MAGIC on Local TV

    Three members of the MAGIC team — Ira Pramanick, Margot Miller and Pichuan Chang — were interviewed by Suzanne Barnett for the March 2010 edition of "Community Balance" broadcast on local Bay Area TV Channel KMVT 15. This show was cablecast on Comcast and ATT Uverse at 7:30 pm every Thursday in Cupertino, Los Altos, and Mountain View, CA. This interview was aired on every Thursday of March 2010.

    Archives of this program can be found in four parts:


    MAGIC at Eastside

    Three high school girls from Eastside College Preparatory School started in the MAGIC program in the latter half of February. One of the mentees is a senior, and the remaining two are sophomores at Eastside. Eastside is the first school where MAGIC is being offered to high school students. The other two MAGIC partner schools, GMS and Keiller, are both middle schools, whereas Eastside has both a middle school and a high school. Two other high schoolers have participated in MAGIC — one in the 2008-2009 session and the second one in the current session (2009-2010) — and these two mentee participation programs have been established through direct contact with the mentees vs through their schools.

  • December

    MAGIC Session Kicks off at Keiller Academy

    MAGIC has been working for the past few months to expand its mentoring to a second school. The MAGIC program kicked off to a great start at this second school, with the first mentor-mentee pair meeting over the phone during the first week of December. The school is the Keiller Leadership Academy in San Diego. During this session, MAGIC mentoring is being offered to three mentees. The mentoring will run through most of the school year, ending in May 2010. The MAGIC program at Keiller is notable in that each of the mentors is going to be remote. Weekly mentoring will take place through a combination of phone calls, video chats, sharing of online docs, and emails. Some of the MAGIC mentoring at GMS has also been remote, this year and last. Remote mentoring presents many learning opportunities not only to the MAGIC core team, but also to both the mentors and the mentees.


    MAGIC Receives Funding from Google

    Google Inc. Charitable Giving Fund of Tides Foundation has become our first corporate sponsor. We look forward to having more sponsors in the future.


    Grace Hopper MAGIC Panel Successful

    Four middle-schoolers (Cassiel Moroney, Holly Nguyen, Julia Goldman and Smriti Pramanick), a MAGIC mentor (Anjalee Sujanani) and a MAGIC core team member (Foz Saeed) participated as panelists in the MAGIC panel held on October 1st at the 2009 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. The young girls were from The Girls' Middle School (GMS) in Mountain View, CA, and represented the MAGIC mentees from the first MAGIC pilot, held at GMS. The panel was coordinated by Ira Pramanick, founder of MAGIC and a MAGIC core team member.

    The panel was a great success, initiating exciting questions and comments from the large audience. Several potential partnership opportunities surfaced from panel follow-on discussions, and MAGIC is looking forward to these future collaborations.

    Needless to say, the girls were the youngest (and possibly most sought after) attendees and were encouraged with several giveaways from different booths.

    Second MAGIC Session Kicks off at GMS

    The second MAGIC session is off to a good start at The Girls' Middle School. MAGIC mentoring is being offered to five mentees this year at GMS, these mentees being from the sixth and seventh grades. MAGIC is also going to partner with two other schools in the next few months in San Diego and in the Bay Area respectively. Please stay tuned for additional information regarding these partnerships.


    MAGICal Panel at GHC 2009

    Third year in a row, work on MAGIC is going to be presented at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC). This year, the format is a panel, and the topic is "MAGICal Learnings from 1-1 Mentoring of Middle School Girls". As the name suggests, the panel is about findings and experiences from the first MAGIC pilot, from the perspectives of the MAGIC team, the mentors and mentees. This pilot was conducted at The Girls' Middle School. The panelists will include representatives of all three, and we hope to have some teachers and parents in the audience! This panel is scheduled in Session One (10:00am-11:00am) on October 1st. It is a Steering Committee Recommendation Track panel! A summary report on the GMS-MAGIC pilot is available here.


    First MAGIC Pilot Concludes

    MAGIC's first pilot, with the Girls' Middle School, concluded at the end of May 2009. At the final MAGIC meeting of the school year, conducted at the school, each of the mentees gave a 5-10 minute presentation and/or demonstration of the work they had done with their mentors during the pilot. This included projects, reports and computer programs. The audience consisted of parents, mentors and teachers. A pilot report will be posted on this site by the end of September 2009.

  • December

    MAGIC Featured in IEEE Spectrum

    MAGIC has been featured in the December 2008 IEEE Spectrum article "The EE Gender Gap Is Widening". In this article, Erico Guizzo discusses the underwhelming participation of women in electrical engineering. He then goes on to talk about various efforts under way to address this issue, directly or indirectly. MAGIC is mentioned as one of two programs aiming to establish a "direct and durable connection between young women and EE professionals."


    MAGIC Incorporated in the State of California

    MAGIC has been incorporated as a nonprofit public benefit corporation in the State of California. The name of the corporation is GetMagic Corporation. The entire NPO related process is being done by WSGR, a leading technology law firm based in Palo Alto, California, on a pro-bono basis. The MAGIC team is deeply indebted to these wonderful folks at WSGR for this service, and for their guidance and help in related matters!


    Come Join the MAGIC BOF at GHC 2008!

    The MAGIC core team is conducting a "Birds Of a Feather" (BOF) session on "Setting Up an Effective Organization to Support Girls" at the 2008 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. This BOF will be held on Friday, October 3rd., from 5:10pm to 6:10pm, in Torrey's Peak III. Here are the BOF slides.

    MAGIC Pilot Kicks Off to a Great Start

    MAGIC kicked off its pilot with the Girls' Middle School in October 2008. The pilot has ten mentees from sixth, seventh and eighth grades, and each mentee has been paired with a MAGIC mentor. The pilot will last through the end of the school year. MAGIC is looking forward to defining and refining its processes as a consequence of this pilot!


    MAGIC Featured in Newsweek Magazine

    The Newsweek article Revenge of the Nerdette from the June 16th., 2008 issue, cites two outreach programs aimed at encouraging girls to think about science and technology careers. MAGIC is one of them!


    MAGIC Pilot Project

    In the fall of 2008, MAGIC is going to partner with the Girls' Middle School of Mountain View, California, to conduct a pilot of the MAGIC program. More information about the Girls' Middle School can be found here. You can read all about the MAGIC pilot proposal here.

    MAGIC BOF at Grace Hopper 2008

    For the second year in a row, a "Birds Of a Feather" (BOF) proposal on a MAGICal topic has been accepted at the Grace Hopper Conference. The topic of the BOF is "Setting Up an Effective Organization to Support Girls". This BOF will be held on Friday, October 3rd, from 5:10pm for an hour.


    MAGIC Establishes Itself as a Non-Profit Organization

    Following the project kickoff, MAGIC is undertaking the steps necessary to establish itself as a non-profit organization.

  • October

    MAGIC Project Kicked Off

    The MAGIC project was kicked off on October 18th., 2007, at the 2007 Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) of Women in Computing Conference, which was held at Orlando, Florida.