January 2018: MAGIC Kicks Off a Spring Mentoring Session at Menlo School

The Menlo School held its MAGIC mentoring kickoff event for the spring session on January 19th. This is the second session following a very successful MAGIC pilot in the summer of 2017.

The spring MAGIC session at Menlo consists of three middle school mentees, two in the sixth grade and the third in the eighth grade. Two of the mentors are professionals in the bay area, and the third one is an undergraduate student of Computer Science at MIT, who will be remotely mentoring her sixth grade mentee.

MAGIC is being offered at Menlo School under the umbrella of Menlo's Bridge to Engineering, Science, Math and Technology (M-BEST) program, which has the goal of providing young women with various opportunities to explore their interests in STEM. M-BEST and MAGIC are delighted to be partnering with each other, and are thankful to the volunteer mentors who make these experiences possible for the mentees.

Here's wishing the Menlo mentee-mentors pair a wonderful journey as each pair explores the magic of STEM over the next five months!

January 2018: MAGIC in its Fifth Year at Castilleja School

MAGIC launched its spring session at Castilleja School, Palo Alto, CA, on Wednesday, January 10, marking its fifth year of collaboration with Castilleja. Four sixth grade girls attended with their parents, and received personal letters of introduction from their new mentors, who span the range of software and hardware engineers to product managers at a variety of tech companies. The Castilleja session runs January through May, when the mentees will do a final presentation of their projects for their parents, peers, and school representatives.

Castilleja continues to be an outstanding partner, and we wish each of the new mentees a MAGICal year with their mentors!